Technology Storytelling.

Storytelling connects with the parts of people that other communications don’t reach.

The way to engage, excite and educate people about technology is to make it meaningful to them. You can simplify complex concepts with business storytelling. People can see the impact of your technology and can make a decision or take action in response to the story.

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Humanizing Technology.

The black box behind a technology is riveting for technologists and their peers. But other stakeholders and customers may not understand and appreciate technical jargon. They only want to know what a technology can do for them or the people they're serving.

People come alive when you talk about your technology in a real-world context. Business storytelling can show how a technology can ease niggles or add a dash of wow to people's lives.

Talk with us about making your technology communications more human with business storytelling.


The Stories Behind Your Technology.

Behind every technology there is a story of human endeavour

Stories about the struggles people have overcome to develop their products and services are inspiring.

Yet, technology back stories are often squandered. They're shared as a chronology of facts or not at all. A heroic back story can be crafted into a powerful narrative and told in a way that draws people in and moves them.

We innovate to improve lives - it's instinctive. At times it's been hard to imagine how people could innovate any further with technology. But, the technological revolution is at full speed and the flow is prolific. So, it's crucial to tell the story of how your technology enhances peoples lives.


Technology touches people's lives in many ways. Beyond the gadgets we use, technology plays a role behind the scenes in every industry. The internet of things, artificial intelligence and block chain are on the horizon. New innovations have great stories to tell about how they can enrich people's lives.


Talk with us about discovering, crafting and telling your technology back stories.

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Workshops and Storytelling Consultancy

Our business storytelling approach to communication engages people and brings clarity and simplicity. We help people to craft technology stories that get results. Our approach works even when traditional approaches to communicating haven't been successful.

We help people to talk about their technology in a meaningful way. It doesn't matter whether you're talking to an audience of peers, leaders or customers. Great stories engage, inspire and move people to make decisions and take action.

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You can experience our approach in different ways: through consultancy we work with you to discover, craft and tell your technology stories. We can also design and produce communications assets to bring your story to life in a variety of ways. We provide training through our workshops or online through the Story Mill Academy. We design bespoke programmes to help your people become better business storytellers.

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Technology Meets Storytelling.

Technological innovation has always been a response to people’s stories. Without people, technology is irrelevant. Yet, technologists often forget that its purpose is to change people’s lives.

If you’d like our help to discover, craft and tell your technology stories, please get in touch

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One to One Intensive Workshops

A senior consultant will work with you on a one to one basis to guide you through the process of crafting a story based on your business. We use a simple but effective process that will result in a solid story plot. Our overriding experience of working with clients on a one to basis is that they are usually amazed at how fast a story emerages and how that story gives, what is often a complex communication problem, meaning and clarity.

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Client Testimonial

We did our pitch this morning and l walked through Craig's story. Worked like a charm, our EMEA VP got very excited and pretty much talked himself into giving us what we needed. Thank you, I learnt a lot from your intensive day and it has changed the way I think about giving presentations. I hope we can find more opportunity to work together in the future.

Director of Engineering Company

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