Presentation Design Training.

Not your typical Powerpoint Training Course. This workshop will teach you the design and layout skills you’ll need to create highly engaging and professional-looking presentations.

We’ve created 1000’s of slides for our clients. Let us teach you our methods. Be warned, after this workshop, your colleagues will be asking you to design their slides too!

If you just want help with designing a stunning presentation go to our Presentation Design Services page.

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What you will learn on this presentation design workshop.
Not just a Powerpoint Training Course.


It’s important to start with the whys of visual communication, understanding what we are trying to achieve with our presentations and getting used to the designer mindset and visual communication as a concept.

Design Principles

We take you through; layout, grids, spacing, element relationships, typography and other key elements that all work together to give your presentations a professional look.


In order to come up with the right images, we'll show you how you can develop your message concepts so that your visuals have maximum impact.


How to use images to best effect. Placement, cropping, masking and visual treatments and just a few of the techniques we'll teach you on this workshop.

Look & Feel

How to come up with a consistant look and feel for your presntation without becoming boring. We'll look at choosing design styles and tips on how to implement them.

Powerpoint Tips

Although strictly not a Powerpoint course, we will give you some design tips that can be used in Powerpoint and some that are universal across most presentation design tools.

External Tools

To give your presentations that extra edge, you can used external tools and resources to bring in extra special images into your presentation. We'll show you our top tools and methods.

Data Visualisation

A simple guide to elegant data visualisation and a brief look into infographics.

Often we are given access to Microsoft Powerpoint and expected to pull together cohesive presentations with little to no training. If we're lucky enough to recieve training, often it's how to use Powerpoint and does not focus on the job the presentation is supposed to do, that is, be an effective means of communication. This workshop, although based on Powerpoint, is focused on the design of the presentation not just the tools.

Classroom or Virtual, it's up to you.

Virtual Presentation
Design Training.

For these times we can’t physically meet, our virtual presentation training will make you feel like you’re in the classroom. Highly interactive and hands on, we’ll guide you step by step through the process of designing professional slides.

We use high definition cameras, professional sound and lighting equipment to give you a broadcast quality experience. Contact us below for more information and to book a workshop.

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Presentation Design

If you want to create high engaging & professional presentations that move people to action, our presentation design workshop will equip you with the skills and knowledge to do just that.

Due to the current social distancing guidelines there are no fixed dates for the classroom based workshops, however, if you want to express you interest in booking a future workshop, please contact us below

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Free Resources

Everyone who signs up for our presentation design course, either virtual or classroom will recieve these fanastic design resources to use for their next presentation.

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Design Tip Sheet

A tip sheet by your side is like an expert designer sat with you whilst you are putting together your presentation master piece.


Professionally Designed Powerpoint Template

A great jumping off point for you own presentation. Customise as much as you like. Full commericial licence.


A Presentation Layout Gallery

If you’re struggling with layout out your slides in an interesting way, this resource will act as an inspiration to kick start your own professional slide layouts.


Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for business executives that are not designers but want to improve the look and impact of their presentations.

Is the virtual workshop similar to the classroom workshop?

The content we cover is exactly the same in both formats, however, obviously the experiences are different. We aim to make the virtual workshop as interactive and as engaging as possible. We use high end production equipment to give the virtual workshops a broadcast quality feel.

How long is the workshop?

The classroom workshops are 1 day and run from 10am to 5pm with a 1 hour lunch break. The virtual workshops are run over 2 consecutive days and sessions are 3.5 hours each.

Does this workshop teach Powerpoint?

Yes & No! This is not a powerpoint workshop but we do use Powerpoint as a vehicle to teach presentation layout and design skills. Powerpoint is still the most used presentation software in business, so most people will have access to it. The skills you learn in the workshop are transferable to most presentation software.

Do we need any special software?

You will need a recent version of Microsoft powerpoint to follow along with the exercises. For the Virtual Workshop, you will need to download the Zoom application as this is how we deliver the workshop online.

How much does the workshop cost?

The classroom workshop costs £550 + VAT pp and the virtual workshop costs £375 + VAT pp.

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