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We are a UK presentation design agency that helps companies build and design strong presentations using storytelling, compelling copy and creative design.

Make them feel something. Make them remember something. Make them do something.

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A Recipe For Presentation Success.

A presentation design company that has the recipe for your presentation success.

What are the key ingredients to presentation design? Cool graphics? Maybe? A great story? Definitely. A slick presenter? Perhaps.

The truth is; it depends. Who is your audience? What is your message? Do you have a story? Do you have a hook(s)? Do you have strong visuals? Tools perhaps? Powerpont, Keynote, Prezi.

We provide presentation solutions that will address all the key ingredients and develop a presentation to engage , excite and utimately, move people to take action.

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Why your
story and presentation structure matter.

If you really what to get people sitting on the edge of their seat, hanging onto every single word you say, telling a story has the power to do just that.

We use a classic business storytelling structure to develop presentations for our clients.

We'll help you take your audience on an intriguing and memorable journey.

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A Different Approach to Presentation Design.

We subscribe to the less is more school of thought. Evey slide we design for you needs to earn it's place in your presentation.

When we put your content together, we will go through it with a fine tooth comb and ruthlessly remove any elements that do not need to be there.

Often we will design a slide with a killer image, that, along with the presenter, needs no text but leaves the audience in no doubt as to the message it is conveying.

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Presentation Design Solutions.

Sales Pitch Presentations

Your presentation is crucial to delivering a great sales pitch. We have helped companies inject emotional pull into their presentations and have helped them refine their messages. The result is a simple, emotionally compelling sales presentation

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Investor Presentations

Often when pitching to investors, time is crucial. Investors often see hundreds of presentations a week. So when it comes to yours, it had better stand out. We've got the recipe to help you engage investors and help you clinch that deal.

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Town Hall Presentations

Ready to rally the troops? Putting together your own presentation? If you've got your key messages sorted out but don't have the time and skills inhouse to design a killer presentation, we can help.

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Self Running Presentations

When sending a presentation electronically and are not presenting in person, you want that presentation to work twice as hard. The presentation should guide the viewer through the story, delivering it's messages with punch and panache. It will be clear to the recipient what to do next.

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Powerpoint Rescue

Already have a presentation but it's just not cutting it? Fear not, our presentation rescue service is for you. We'll take your existing content and transform it into a beautifully creative, engaging presentation master piece. It'll be the envy of the workplace.

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Conference Presentations

Venues are booked and the stage is set. You have over 150 delegates turning up expecting great things. The presentation needs to match the occasion. We have the skills and experience to make your presentation look and feel epic.

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TED Presentations

Less is more. This is never truer if you're going for the TED style of presentation. Your slides should be all about creating the right feeling. They should enhance what you are saying and not take center stage, after all, all eyes should be on you.

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Educational Presentations

Rudyard Kipling, once said that if history was told as stories, it would never be forgotton. Storytelling is the approach we use to help you develop your educational presentations. Ready for a new approach?

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Technology Presentations

Making the complex simple can be tricky. Fortnuately that happens to be a bit of a passion of ours. We can help you create a compelling presentation that is targeted towards an audience of all levels of techincal understanding, without being patronising.

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Our Process


Discovery & Understanding

The conversations we have with our clients are the key to getting under the skin of the communications need. If you engage our services, be prepared, we like to ask a lot of questions!

story & structure

Narrative, Copy, Research

The story, the journey and the messages are crucial to delivering a great presentation. This is not just about delivering information, it's about delivering an experience.

visuals & ideas

Idea Generation, Visual Langugage

Ideas, concepts and metaphors all come together to inform the visual style of your presentation. From clean corporate, serious, to fun, quirky and artistic.

build & design

Graphic Design, Image Sourcing

This is where we really make your presentation look a million dollars. Our studio can produce anything from simple clean slides to high end computer generated imagery.

Jump in at any point. Want to get started?

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Take them on a journey
they won't forget.

Ever driven on a long straight motorway for hours on end? If you have, you'll know how tiring that can be. You could even be in danger of falling asleep at the wheel. Well, if you design your presentations like a long straight motorway, guess what, your audience may well fall asleep.

Your presentation needs to take people on an interesting journey. One with twists and turns. Ups and downs. One with plenty of interesting scenery along the way.

By the end of your presentation, people should feel something. Generally, if people feel something they are most likely to act upon that feeling.

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Maximum three
points per slide

Consider Readability

Use the largest screen you can get and use large font sizes

Use Silence

Make sure you pause often. This gives the audience chance to take in what you’ve just said.

Use full screen images

You’ll have to be brave with this one. But choose big emotive images and cover the whole screen

Images are not always
square or rectangular

Consider cutting out images from their background. Interesting shapes will be formed. Use image editting apps to do this.

Use Metaphors

If you use images as metaphors, your audience will have a greater chance of remembering your message.

Learn the journey

Why Us?

What to Expect

Honesty, integrity, experience. Without open and frank conversations, communication tends to get watered down. When you work with us, expect probing questions, challenges and sometimes thought provoking conversations. That might sound scarey to some, however, we do this with the upmost respect and a willingnes to deliver on our promises to you.

What we're passionate about

Did we mention we love a good story. But what does that mean? Utimately it's about the human condition. The way in which we operate, survive and thrive as human beings. The struggles, the endevours, the failures, the successes. Without human endevour, there would be no stories to tell. So back to what we're, passionate about. Simply put, we're passionate about helping people tell those stories via compelling, visually rich presentations.

Matching wavelengths

Let's start by saying it, we're not for everyone (that's a good thing). However, if you've read this far, we're probably on the same wavelength. Thank you and we hope to meet you soon.

If we're on the same wavelength, we'd love to here from you

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