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We believe that there’s a communication gap at the root of every business problem.

We work with you to connect people through better communication that’s underpinned by business storytelling.

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Consultancy or Training or Both.

There are two ways we help our clients – We co-create stories working with you to discover, craft and produce your business stories through our consultancy and production services.

We create and deliver business storytelling learning programmes for your people and even help you to build a culture of business storytelling within your organisation.

Business Storytelling Consultancy

We start by understanding the communication challenge you want to overcome, which might be internal or external.

You might be grappling with; getting investment or resources, getting people behind an idea, simplifying communication, moving people to take action, telling better brand stories and so on…

We work with you to co-create the story and then we have a suite of production options for you to choose from if you’d like our support to bring your story alive for your audience.



We start by understanding the communication challenges your people are experiencing and we design a business storytelling programme to teach specific business storytelling skills to overcome these challenges.

We have a variety of business storytelling programmes that we customise for your needs: Leadership/Executive Storytelling, Customer Experience Storytelling, Storytelling with Data,Brand Storytelling, Storytelling for Innovation, Healthcare Storytelling, Technology/Science Storytelling

These are a selection of the places where business storytelling can be used, however, we design bespoke business storytelling programmes to enrich communication in any business function.

Story Discovery

Story Discovery.

What story do you tell? Finding the story that will land your message right at people’s hearts is crucial. We’ll work with you to excavate those story nuggets.

Story Carfting

Story Crafting.

Well-crafted stories bring clarity to your communication. Michelangelo described sculpting as seeing an angel in a rock and setting it free. Story crafting is like that too. We’ll work with you to shape stories that engage the people you want to move.

Story Production

Story Production.

Stories only come alive when they’re witnessed and there are heaps of ways to get your story in front of people – verbal, written or visual. We’ll work with you to produce your talks, presentations, videos, cartoon strips, animations and other storytelling assets

Story Broadcasting

Story Broadcasting.

Your stories only move people who witness them, so you’ll want to get them in front of the right people. We’ll help you to plan your story communications strategy and to broadcast your stories in ways that inspire the people to whom they matter.


One to One Intensive Workshops

A senior consultant will work with you on a one to one basis to guide you through the process of crafting a story based on your business. We use a simple but effective process that will result in a solid story plot. Our overriding experience of working with clients on a one to basis is that they are usually amazed at how fast a story emerages and how that story gives, what is often a complex communication problem, meaning and clarity.

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Client Testimonial

We did our pitch this morning and l walked through Craig's story. Worked like a charm, our EMEA VP got very excited and pretty much talked himself into giving us what we needed. Thank you, I learnt a lot from your intensive day and it has changed the way I think about giving presentations. I hope we can find more opportunity to work together in the future.

Director of Engineering Company

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