Storytelling With Data.

You’ve got heaps of data. Some may call it BIG BIG DATA. Data is collected, stored, analysed. But how do we give that data meaning? How do we use that data to influence and change behaviour?

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Move People to Make Decisions Confidently.

Data can be a powerful enabler in a business or a massive passion killer.

If you're not using storytelling with data you may be encountering scenarios like the ones below in which:

Being brow beaten by slide-after-slide with bullet points, graphs and tables with no real conclusions.

Being frustrated by a presentation that despite the abundance of data lacks any insight that could move the conversation forward and leaves you thinking, so what?

Being bamboozled by a noisy attempt to convince people but disappointed by a lack of substance that leaves you even more confused.

Perhaps you’ve even found yourself delivering a presentation that didn’t land well with people. You might have walked away with a pile of questions rather than a decision or a commitment to take action from your stakeholders. And you’re not sure how you could have handled it better?

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Storytelling With Data Can Increase Engagement.

Storytelling with data can dramatically increase the impact you get from your communication compared with a purely factual presentation. Why? People connect with the story and are engaged in the journey you’re taking them on.

Stories create the context for your data and give it meaning. It’s well-known that, as humans, our neural circuitry is wired to respond to communication that is structured as a story. Why wouldn’t you want to use storytelling as a tool so that your message and your data are received, remembered and acted upon?

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Start with a Question.

Data storytelling can dramatically increase the engagement and the results you get from your communication.

What people really want to hear is a simple yet engaging story that gives them clarity so that decisions can be taken confidently.

You need communication that draws on your data in a way that magnetises your audience and gives them context, relevance, meaning, insights and action

You’ve got to make people feel engaged, excited, concerned, angry in order to impress them. Why? Because research show that people make decisions emotionally and back them up with logic afterwards.

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Data Storytelling Workshops designed around your data. See our range of workshops

We build strong, narrative based presentations. See our story production services

Data visualisation way beyond the norm.

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Storytelling Learning

Our business storytelling academy helps you to develop your business storytelling skills. You can use our online service alone or in conjunction with one of our workshops.

We're always adding content to help you become an even better business storyteller.

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One to One Intensive Workshops

A senior consultant will work with you on a one to one basis to guide you through the process of crafting a story based on your business. We use a simple but effective process that will result in a solid story plot. Our overriding experience of working with clients on a one to basis is that they are usually amazed at how fast a story emerages and how that story gives, what is often a complex communication problem, meaning and clarity.

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Client Testimonial

We did our pitch this morning and l walked through Craig's story. Worked like a charm, our EMEA VP got very excited and pretty much talked himself into giving us what we needed. Thank you, I learnt a lot from your intensive day and it has changed the way I think about giving presentations. I hope we can find more opportunity to work together in the future.

Director of Engineering Company

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