Customer Experience Storytelling.

Your product or service plays a role within your customer’s life.

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Shine a light on your customer's experience.

Mapping a factual customer journey is different to exploring people’s felt experiences.

Customers’ experiences show-up in their stories which reflect how they perceive their world. Opportunities to enhance people's experiences become clearer when you explore their stories. People seek-out products and services that improve some aspect of their experience.

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Our Approach.


Most people know their customers but over time make assumptions. We'll help you to begin a deeper exploration of your customer's experience.


People often mistake facts for insights, yet, they’re completely different. Insights are those nuggets of understanding that enable you to take action.


Good insights enable people to feel the highs and lows that make up the whole customer story and to care about creating a better experience.


Once you have a rich customer experience story, it's easier to find the places where your products or services can make the customer's life better.


Crafting a story about how your product or service makes the customer's life better is crucial. We have a four-step process to help you; discover, craft, produce and broadcast your story.


When you're close to your brand, it's easy to make assumptions. It's always worth staying curious and looking with fresh eyes. We help people to find new ways to delight customers and create great customer experience stories to communicate better.

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Your customer’s experience with your product or service happens within the broad context of their story.

You don’t always know when people are dissatisfied with your product or service.

You don’t always know what’s going to make people happy.

People always do what makes sense to them. Their stories reveal their beliefs and values.

People’s expectations are shaped by their previous experiences. People will always want more.

People are most influenced by those they regard as peers and/or authorities. These people may be online or connected with them in their everyday lives.

People usually have a wide range of options to choose from in any purchasing situation. They’ll opt for yours when it fits into the story they’re living or want to be living.

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