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Powerpoint is the ubiquitous tool for creating business presentations. In fact, in many organisations it’s used for much much more; strategic plans, comms plans, or any other communications for that matter. We are so used to throwing information into/at Powerpoint that our audience(s) can spot that Powerpoint was used a mile off. It doesn’t need […]
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Brand Refresh

How to keep your visual brand fresh and engaging

Your visual identity is important, right? It’s the contact points between your products/services and the space your brand occupies in the minds of your customers. Whether you’re a large multi-national or a smaller fledging company, at some point your visual branding will start to show signs of ageing. So why wait until that happens, or […]
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Don't be Boring

Presentation Design Tip – Don’t be boring

No-one sets out to be intentionally boring, so why is it that so many presentations are just that. I’m sure we’ve all sat through endless hours of powerpoint (or other software ) presentations, viewing slide after slide of dull graphs and slides cramped with far too much information. When boredom sets in, you lose your […]
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Watching the last series of The Apprentice on TV with Sir Alan Sugar, I almost choked on my ‘oo la la’ ginger tea. Sir Alan accused one of the candidates of being indecisive. But the candidate vehemently denied it. He said he’d been working for a large corporate retailer for six years. And he wouldn’t be there for so long if he was indecisive. Now would he?
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How To Unleash Your Brilliance

Are you feeling stuck in your business or work right now? Are you’re looking for the next brilliant idea or even a miracle to propel you forward? Yet, it feels like the odds are stacked against you? The way to unleash your brilliance might be simpler than you think.
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Strategic Marketing Stories & Storytelling

How To Tell Powerful Strategic Stories Like Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a visionary entrepreneur. While Musk isn’t the most polished speaker in the world – he tells powerful strategic stories with passion and authenticity. Listening to Musk talking about Tesla Motors or Powerwall, Tesla home battery, we’re grabbed by the stories he tells. He begins by identifying the problem as he sees it. He tells us what he believes will happen if the status quo is maintained. We’re floundering in the darkness of the bleak future. But then, Musk shows us the light at the end of the tunnel.
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8 Ways To Make Your Message Matter

Storytelling is a great way to communicate complicated things simply. Science and technology are two areas you need to simplify, simplify, simplify, to make your message matter to your audience. They’re not stupid – they’re just not into the details. They might have other priorities or a different focus to yours.
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“Did you get any shamrock?” Granny fussed as she donned her best coat, hat and shiny shoes to go to Mass. She was delighted when my father presented her with a corsage of the three-leafed botanical and after grasping it carefully, she pinned it to her lapel. It was St. Patrick’s Day and although Mass didn’t excite us kids, the promise of a trip to watch the parade in town afterwards and eating green ice cream did.
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