Technology Storytelling.

Storytelling connects with people in ways other communications don’t reach.

The way to engage, excite and educate people about your technology is to make it meaningful to them. Storytelling enables you to make the technically complex simple and relevant for non-technical people so that they can make decisions and take action.

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Humanizing Technology.

While the enigmatic black box behind a technology is riveting for a technologist, most people get antsy with a long-winded explanation about what’s happening under the hood. They only want to know what your technology can do for them or the people they’re serving.

People come alive when you talk about your technology in a real-world context. Business storytelling is a wonderful way to show how your technology can alleviate niggles or add a dash of wow to the lives of real people.

Talk with us about humanizing your technology communications with business storytelling.


Technology Stories of Human Endeavour.

Behind all Science and Technology there is a story of human endeavour

People are inspired by stories of human endeavour behind a technology. They’re drawn in by the struggle and the moments of insight and serendipity that led to massive changes in the world as we know it.

Back story gems are often squandered because they’re either hidden or at best shared as a chronology of facts rather than being crafted into a powerful narrative that’s told in a way that’s inspires and moves people.

There's a reason why we continually innovate; to constantly improve our lives. It's a survival instinct, we can't help not move technology forward. This is why it's so important to not lose sight of why we do what we do.


Technolgy is not just about us. Plants, animals, the vulnerable, all benefit from advances in technology. From the internet of things to artifical intelligent, the journey to new technology is rich in stories that should be told.


Talk with us about discovering, crafting and telling your technology back stories.

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Workshops and Storytelling Consultancy

Our approach to crafting business communication is - in the words of several our clients; “the complete opposite way around to how most people do it.” And, it works – because it touches people in ways other communications simply don’t reach.

We’ve helped several companies to craft powerful business stories that show their technologies in ways that are meaningful and relevant for their audiences, be these customers, investors, peers working in a different function or senior leaders.

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You can benefit from our approach in two ways – through consultancy in which we’ll work with you to discover, craft and tell your technology stories and/or we can provide training via our workshops and online via the Story Mill Academy for you and your people to learn to become better business storytellers.

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Technology Meets Storytelling.

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One to One Intensive Workshops

A senior consultant will work with you on a one to one basis to guide you through the process of crafting a story based on your business. We use a simple but effective process that will result in a solid story plot. Our overriding experince of working with clients on a one to basis is that they are usually amazed at how fast a story emerages and how that story gives, what is often a complex communication problem, meaning and clarity.

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Client Testimonial

We did our pitch this morning and l walked through Craig's story. Worked like a charm, our EMEA VP got very excited and pretty much talked himself into giving us what we needed. Thank you, I learnt a lot from your intensive day and it has changed the way I think about giving presentations. I hope we can find more opportunity to work together in the future.

Director of Engineering Company

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