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Business Storytelling Consultancy

Storytelling connects people and builds trust in business. Connection and trust are intangible, felt experiences, yet they have a tangible impact and lead to confident decision-making and action.

We help businesses like yours to discover, craft and tell stories that connect people, build trust and move people to make faster decisions and take action.

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Consultancy Services

Discovering and shaping business stories that move people

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Story Production Services

Creating story-based communications that inspire action

video animation narrative presentations

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Story Training Services

Training people on the art and science of business storytelling

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Storytelling as a business tool

Storytelling in business is now a crucial tool. Discover how you can leverage the power of storytelling to enhance your business communication and inspire action.

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Customer Experience Storytelling

We help you to understand your customers’ stories and find the places where your products and services can enrich their world.

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Brand Storytelling

We help you to tell stories about your brand that connect with your customers’ to build trust and inspire action.

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Data Storytelling

We show you a whole new way to use your data to pitch for resources or inspire people with an idea, a product or service so that they’re moved to make a decision or take an action.

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Leadership Storytelling

We help you to find your authentic voice as a leader and discover your innate charisma so that you’re able to inspire and move your people into action.

Healthcare Storytelling

We help you to; understand the stories of people whose lives are blighted by health challenges as well as the struggles of the health professionals who serve them and to show them how your products/services can transform their stories.

Technology Storytelling

We help you to tell stories about your technology in a way that’s meaningful for a non-technical audience and inspires them to make a decision or take action

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Online Business
Storytelling Learning

Our storytelling academy is the place to develop your business storytelling skills either online only or in conjunction with one of our workshops.

We are continually adding new learning content and business storytelling examples to help you become better at using this vital business skill to engage, inspire and move people.

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The Four Stage Approach to Business Storytelling

Great storytelling, spoken or in a written or visual communication, can look simple and effortless. But, behind the scenes, there’s a journey. We have identified a four-step route to masterful storytelling. When we work with you, we’ll take you on some or all of the four steps depending upon your starting point and where you want to go.

Story Discovery

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Story development begins with mining for nuggets of insight that enable us to create a story to land a message in a way that engages, inspires and moves people. We work with you in a creative way that allows those to story gems to emerge so that together we can use them to craft the plot of your story.

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Story Crafting

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Well-crafted stories bring clarity to your communication. Michelangelo described sculpting as seeing an angel in a rock and setting it free. Story crafting is like that too. We’ll work with you to shape stories that engage the people you want to move.

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Story Production

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Stories only come alive when they’re witnessed and there are heaps of ways to get your story in front of people – verbal, written or visual. We’ll work with you to produce your talks, presentations, videos, cartoon strips, animations and other storytelling assets

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Story Broadcast

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Your stories only move people who witness them, so you’ll want to get them in front of the right people. We’ll help you to plan your story communications strategy and to broadcast your stories in ways that inspire the people to whom they matter.

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We work with clients across multiple industry sectors including:

Healthcare, FMCG, Hospitality, Finance and Public Services.

The TUI Group
The National Trust
The PIneapple Lounge
Kevin Murphy
Uncle Buck

All of our clients have one thing in common; they want to connect better with certain stakeholders and for their communication to engage, inspire and move people to make decisions or take action.

If your curious about how business storytelling to boost the impact of communication in your business or organisation, get in touch for a chat

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