21st July 2017 Claire Taylor

You’re Much More Than A Brand – People Connect With Your Essence

I was chatting recently with Lindsey Reed, founder of Glows Coaching, when out of the blue she asked if we’d make a film that tells her story and captures a sense of who she is and how she helps people.

Most of the films we make are corporate story based films that capture the essence of larger businesses – however, there’s something magical about making films for professionals like Lindsey too.

You can watch the video we created of Lindsey here.

Below you can discover more about how capturing your essence on video could be the best way to get yourself into the world.

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Here’s why sharing the real you is so important.

While it often looks like people want to hire you for skills, qualifications and experience the real reason people choose to work with you is that the chemistry works.

During the early naughties, the idea of branding yourself became popular.  But it’s always jarred with me.


Branding is a way of applying human characteristics to inanimate objects so that humans can connect with them.

In contrast, branding yourself means packaging yourself into a product that offers a consistent service and creating stock messages to share with people you meet.  Of course, you need to tell people whether you can help them with their marketing, their accounts or their plumbing.

But you’re not biscuits on a conveyor belt.

You’re already human with a unique way of being.

The more messages, catch-phrases and cliches you add to yourself – the more diluted your essence becomes.

You’re so much more than a brand.  People engage you because they enjoy how they feel when they’re with you.  They trust you.  They hire you for tons of intangible reasons that are as hard to describe as the taste of chocolate.

When people hire you it’s because they have connected with you.

Your essence is different from you as a brand.

Fancy buzz words and clichés don’t do you justice – they under sell the aspects of you that people truly value.

Coming back to my conversation with Lindsey – we created the film above which hopefully you’ve had a chance to watch.

You’ll hear no cheesy cliches because this is Lindsey simply being who she is – sharing her own stories and talking about how she helps people.  Her passion and her unique essence shine through the screen.

Films are a brilliant way to capture your story and your essence.  People get a sense for what it might be like to work with you.

Our approach to making these ‘story and essence’ films is aeons away from traditional promotional videos.

Here’s what Lindsey said about her experience.

“What a great experience. Thank you, Claire and David, for creating a great video for my website which captures the essence of who I am. You ensured that I felt welcomed and relaxed, that the environment was right and blended into what I was wearing, the ambience of lighting and your intuitive questions. The whole process from start to finish was smooth and you are both a joy to work with. I am thrilled with the results. Big thank you.” Lindsey Reed, Glows Coaching.

Working with Lindsey reminded us of how much we’ve enjoyed creating films with people running smaller businesses as well as our corporate clients.

So, we’d love to make more of these engaging videos.

If you’re a business leader, consultant or solopreneur and like what we created for Lindsey – you can get in touch with us on 01295 724568 or on [email protected] about creating a film that captures your story and your essence.

Claire Taylor is co-founder of The Story Mill – a business that creates innovative programmes to support organisations to make their brands more human and foster a culture of authenticity and innovation. We run engaging storytelling workshops including: Storytelling in Leadership, Influencing, Branding, Strategy, Culture and Innovation. Claire is a Corporate Storyteller, Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Author of The Tao of Storytelling.