8th August 2017 Claire Taylor

Ep 15 with David Horne

Claire Taylor

Claire Taylor

Welcome to the Story Mill podcast series – Thriving Beyond Stress & Burnout.  In this episode, Claire Taylor talks with David Horne – founder of Add Then Multiply.

David had a flourishing career in the corporate world of mergers and acquisitions and seemed as if nothing could thwart his high flying course.

However, things changed and became difficult and then impossible, so David decided to change direction.  With a spring in his step he set out on his new path ready to conquer the world.    UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_22 copy

But, things didn’t go to plan despite his best efforts.

David gradually sunk into a place he describes ‘a dark year’ in which he spiraled into burnout and experienced an excruciating loss.  David shares his experience with wonderful honesty.

Fortunately, David’s life turned around and has led to the work he now does helping entrepreneurs.  Listen below to hear David’s story.

You can follow David’s work on www.addthenmultiply.com

Meanwhile, you can find out more about business storytelling on www.thestorymill.co.uk



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Claire Taylor is co-founder of The Story Mill – a business that creates innovative programmes to support organisations to make their brands more human and foster a culture of authenticity and innovation. We run engaging storytelling workshops including: Storytelling in Leadership, Influencing, Branding, Strategy, Culture and Innovation. Claire is a Corporate Storyteller, Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Author of The Tao of Storytelling.