13th December 2017 Claire Taylor

Ep 24 with Peter Wilson

Claire Taylor

Claire Taylor

Welcome to the Story Mill podcast series – Thriving Beyond Stress & Burnout.  In this episode, Claire Taylor talks with Peter Wilson – Transformative Executive Coach.

Peter had a high-powered career working for the United Nations which meant he always had a packed suitcase, a plane ticket and his passport at the ready.  Over time his crazy schedule took its toll on Peter’s health and quality of life.

However, rather than fix his career Peter decided to fix himself.   His mission was then to create an ‘even better’ version of himself as he continued with the overwhelming pace at work.

Life didn’t get much better.  In time, Peter had a realisation about his striving that changed everything for him and his family.

To hear Peter’s story and what he saw that became the catalyst for change, listen to our conversation below.

Now, Peter works as a Transformative Executive Coach helping people to recognise that their wellness comes from within. He also writes wonderful poetry.  As a special treat, Peter recites one of his thought-provoking poems towards the end of our podcast conversation.

If you’re inspired by Peter’s story, you can follow his work on www.petewilson.co.uk.com

Meanwhile, you can find out more about business storytelling on www.thestorymill.co.uk



Claire Taylor is co-founder of The Story Mill – a business that creates innovative programmes to support organisations to make their brands more human and foster a culture of authenticity and innovation. We run engaging storytelling workshops including: Storytelling in Leadership, Influencing, Branding, Strategy, Culture and Innovation. Claire is a Corporate Storyteller, Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Author of The Tao of Storytelling.