18th December 2017 Claire Taylor

Ep 25 with Julia McCutchen

Claire Taylor

Claire Taylor

Welcome to the Story Mill podcast series – Thriving Beyond Stress & Burnout.  In this episode, Claire Taylor talks with Julia McCutchen, Intuitive Mentor, Coach and Hay House Author.

As a child, Julia had strong a sense of purpose, telling her Mother that she wanted to become a monk and live in Tibet.

As a young adult she was naturally curious, loved solitude and dyed her hair crimson but, she had no idea what she wanted to do in the world.

Julia simply followed her inner impulses to explore spiritual teachings which led her into the world of publishing. She climbed the corporate ladder eventually becoming Managing Director & Publisher for a medium size publishing house that produced 120 new titles every year.

Naturally conscientious, Julia felt responsible for every single book and for each and every one of her 60 employees.  The result?  Seventy hour working weeks became the norm.

Eventually, Julia hired additional people to delegate a slice of her overwhelming workload.  However, before these people came on board Julia had an accident that took her apart on every level.

During her recovery, Julia realised that she had become lost in the corporate world, having taken on a role that became her identity.  Much as she loved her work she had allowed busyness to cast her adrift from the curious child and the edgy teenager she had once been.

Julia reconnected with herself.  Her experience of re-awakening to who she really is transformed the nature of her work and how she approaches her life.

Listen to our podcast conversation below to hear Julia’s fascinating insights on; getting lost in a role at work, eternal busyness, finding yourself again, creative recovery and much more.

Julia’s mission is helping people who are inspired to make a difference in the world.  She guides people to connect with the essence of who they really are and express their deepest calling consciously, creatively and authentically in the world.

Julia is the author of Conscious Writing – Discover Your True Voice through Mindfulness and More (published by Hay House) in which she shares a process she has created to help people connect with their own voice.  She teaches conscious writing, conscious creativity and conscious living, working both one-one with people and through her wonderful retreats.

If you’re inspired by Julia’s story and teaching, listen to the podcast below and you can follow her work on www.juliamccutchen.com

Meanwhile, you can find out more about business storytelling on www.thestorymill.co.uk



Claire Taylor is co-founder of The Story Mill – a business that creates innovative programmes to support organisations to make their brands more human and foster a culture of authenticity and innovation. We run engaging storytelling workshops including: Storytelling in Leadership, Influencing, Branding, Strategy, Culture and Innovation. Claire is a Corporate Storyteller, Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Author of The Tao of Storytelling.