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Why Story Hacking Leaves Me Cold

Have you noticed that since the resurgence of storytelling there are two camps of people?Story Enthusiasts These folk genuinely embrace storytelling. What they don’t already know about storytelling, they take time to learn. As a result they move people by telling great stories. Be that about brands, strategies, innovations, culture, life lessons and so on.Story Hackers These people know that storytelling is in vogue. They want the benefits but not the effort. They pay lip-service to it. And seek short-cuts. The most common hack is thinking that the power of story is in the word. Story, like love, peace or joy is much more than a word. Here are two typical story hacks.
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The Urban Viking & The Kitten

It’s a crisp autumn Saturday morning near Shoreditch in London. A twenty-something Urban Viking awakens. Yawning, he rubs his beard. And flexes his sculpted muscles. It’s been a busy week designing motion graphics. Now it’s time for chillin’.Later he’ll graft hard at the gym. He’s training for a mud race. Tonight he’ll hit the cool bars with his mates.He pulls his clothes on and wanders to the kitchen. The fridge is empty. Emerging from his man-cave he goes foraging for food. He crosses the road to the grocery store.Bleary-eyed, he blinks with surprise.
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A Meerkat Myth vs Chipotle’s Authentic Brand Story

Meerkat Manor is what my mother-in-law’s neighbours call her house in Derbyshire, UK. She has fallen-in-love with Aleksandr Orlov. He’s the Russian billionaire Meerkat fronting-up a novel marketing campaign for online insurance company So enamored is she by Aleksandr – she’s invited his entire collection of family and friends to live with her and […]
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Wearing Your Head, Heart & Soul As A Leader

The act of crafting stories takes us into deeper more authentic places within ourselves. When we communicate with story from that place we touch other people and catalyze them to go beyond their intellect and into their heart-felt emotions and gut-feelings. That’s the place from which people make decisions both in their personal lives and in business.We’re called to empathise with ourselves and other people in order to tell a story – whether it’s to employees, colleagues, customers or investors. In order to empathise with them we have to pause, listen to their stories and ‘get-them’ on a feeling level. It’s beyond the intellect – I ‘understand you’ is intellectual – however ‘I see you’ ‘I hear you’ or ‘I get you’ is a felt sense. From there we can search within ourselves for authentic stories that will resonate with them.In telling a story whether it’s about strategy, innovation or a brand story it needs to touch your audience on all three levels – mind, heart and soul, for your audience to ‘get you’ and so that your message has a powerful impact.
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