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We’re on a mission to bring more human connection into business communication, one narrative at a time.

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We see a business world that’s more slick, productive and rewarding for everyone; a world in which people stop using business jargon and out-intellectualising each other, and instead, are able to move people by engaging hearts and minds in a way that’s meaningful, makes sense and gets results.

During our combined fifty years in business we discovered that at the root of every business challenge there’s a communication glitch.

When people won’t make a decision or take an action it can be frustrating. But, it invariably happens when people are being asked to do something that isn’t resonating with them. And, this simple rule applies regardless of whether these people are internal or external to your business.

We work with businesses, like yours, to overcome these communication bugs and dramatically increase your chances of moving people to make decisions and take action.

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Claire Taylor

Managing Director & Co-founder

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A story of serendipity.

As corporate Brand/Marketing Director turned consultant I’d become restless. A chance conversation in 2011 got me writing a blog of stories. It re-kindled a passion I’d had since childhood. A year later I trained as a storytelling performer. I was hooked!

The recession created a trust gap in business. The corporate world beckoned to me as a place where storytelling could create better connections between people. It was an opportunity to share what I’d discovered, enrich the working lives of others and help to rebuild trust in business.

The blog became a book called The Tao of Storytelling that was published in 2013. And we launched The Story Mill to bring storytelling into business. That’s where the story begins….

David Taylor

Production Director & Co-founder

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A story of opposites attract.

I’m the creative guy who loves technology. As a teenager I adopted the school computer during the holidays. Nerdy maybe – but it was the early ’80’s and computers were like science-fiction. By the early naughties I was leading a busy corporate IT function. But I’d left behind my passion for art & design. The digital age spelled an opportunity. The synergy of design and technology led me to creating a digital agency.

The world changed after the recession with a call for more authenticity from businesses hence the story revival. The digital revolution has created an opportunity to broadcast stories in blogs, videos, podcasts, on website and engage on social media.

That propelled me to co-found The Story Mill to bring the power of storytelling into businesses.

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